Our Service


Flexibility is the main aim of RedBird services. Like all Landscape Designers, there is the standard range of levels of service (see below). But every project is different so my services are tailored to what you need from me.

As a rough guide, this is how things could be broken down.

For those who just need a hand to get started, discuss ideas, talk about specific ideas or areas.
Concept plans
For those who need something on paper (or screen), a plan without too much, a general overview of the space.
Full design
For those who need it all – plant names, soils, features: all the detail.
The creation
RedBird will work with quality installers to make the creation happen. While I don’t have an installation team, you wouldn’t know it. The integration between the planning and installation process is seamless and based on a long history of working together. However, it also gives me the flexibility to work with a range of installers, your own tradesmen or even DIY.
As a sign of my commitment to your project, the review process is part of the deal. Watching a garden evolve is part of the fun.

"When a garden has no soul, then even though it may catch the attention of many people for a time, they will completely forget about it as soon as something new comes along".

Shunmyo Masuno, 1996